C# Basics

  1. How to execute SQL statement that has a single quote in C# or insert a row with a value that has a quote?
  2. How to get the current running executable name as a string in C#?
  3. How to get the relative path (folder the executable was launched in) as a string in C#?
  4. How to remove an element from a regular array in C#?
  5. How to return a string array from a enum in C#?
  6. Working with DateTime and Unix Time Stamps or Universal time (UTC) in C#
  7. C# – Convert DateTime to and from a Unix timestamp *
  8. How to pause a Console application in C# or the equivelent to the C++ system(“pause”) statement?
  9. How to get your project’s version dynamically in C#?
  10. Detecting when you press “Enter” in a WPF TextBox
  11. How to document a function so Visual Studio’s Intellisense displays it?
  12. What is the equivalent of __FILE__ and __LINE__ in C#?
  13. How read the 64 bit registry from a 32 bit application or vice versa
  14. Important .NET Framework 4.0 Command Line Tools You Must Know
  15. C# and Boxing and Unboxing
  16. C# – The ?? operator or coalesce operator
  17. StringBuilder in C#
  18. Array in C# – Tutorial

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Also see Examples in C#.

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  1. Parts of the above links are unavailable. No content !

    Comment by C# lover — August 15, 2014 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

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