C++, IDEs, wxWidgets

Hello readers,

I have enough C++ posts that it is time to organize them in a single page, so they are easy to find. Since I am big into FreeBSD, I consider C++ a must-know language.

C++ Basics

  1. How to return an string array from an enum in C++?
  2. How to get the size in bytes of a file in C++?
  3. What is the syntax for the switch and case statement in C++?
  4. How to create a directory in C++ in Windows?
  5. How to add an enum or enumeration to a class in C++?
  6. How to get the size of an array in C++?
  7. How to pause a Console application in C++ on Unix/Linux or the equivelent to the windows C++ system(”pause”)statement or the _getch() functions in conio.h?
  8. Understanding the Unary Scope Resolution Operator
  9. How to convert an int to a string in C++? (Also doubles, floats, etc…)
  10. How to convert a string to an int in C++? (Or to a float, double, etc)

C++ and Windows

  1. A simple example of creating or deleting a windows share using C++
  2. How to determine if an MSI patch (.msp file) has been applied using C++?
  3. A simple example of starting and stopping a service in windows using C++

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and Rapid Application Development (RAD)

  1. How to compile a wxWidgets application in Visual Studio 2008?
  2. How to setup Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools on Windows 7?
  3. How to find the file and line number of memory leaks using C++ with wxWidgets in Visual Studio 2008?
  4. How to determine the project type of an existing Visual Studio project?

Deconstructors and Deleting Variables to Free Memory

  1. How to delete a vector of pointers in C++?

Sample Code

  1. My Dice objects in C++
  2. The Tower of Hanoi as an example of using a recursive functions in C++


  1. How to create and use dynamic event handlers in wxWidgets for an array of buttons using the Connect() function?
  2. How to find the file and line number of memory leaks using C++ with wxWidgets in Visual Studio 2008?

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