C# (Mono) and MonoDevelop



This page will store code about C# (Mono) and MonoDevelop. A lot of the code may be the same as C# on Windows. But this is where I will store the examples that I have tested on FreeBSD/Linux. It is very possible that the same code works on FreeBSD/Linux and Windows, in which case, I may link a post here that was written for C# on windows. That means it was tested on both platforms.  I will try to tag them too. And they will have these two images:


  1. Installing C# (Mono) on FreeBSD
  2. Installing the latest version of Mono on FreeBSD or How to install and use portshaker?


  1. Running Pinta on FreeBSD – A C# (Mono) Image Editor

File Access and File Transfer

  1. C# (Mono) – Reading and writing to a text file
  2. How to upload a file to an FTP server using C#?


  1. C# Random Password Generator

Web Services

  1. Asp.Net web services on FreeBSD and Apache using Mono

More to come….

Since C# is the same on Windows and FreeBSD with only slight differences.
Many of the articles here, as long as they don’t involve WPF, are valid for mono.
C#, WPF, ADO.NET, Visual Studio

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